Hall of Fame, 2006

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Javier Pollock
Born September 19, 1951
Puerto Rico

First Inductee
By: Hyacinthe Christine Williams

Born in an era of great economic needs, the six-year-old child of deceased biological parents was released by the Pollock family and delivered to wealthy Puerto Rican stepparents for adoption in 1951. The focus on education was one of the agreements included in the transfer of custodian rights. Since his childhood, the young Javier established intense preference towards sport competitions, which prompted his adoptive family to explore multi-sport options.

After spending large part of his youth playing baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, long distance running, soccer, gymnastics and American football; he finally narrowed his options favoring boxing and wrestling. Severe injuries from football pressed the young athlete to seek physical therapy through weight resistance exercises. What started as a daily work out routine for his wrestling return, soon became a sort of religious devotion that captivated the energetic juvenile's imagination; leading to physique contests. But after only two contests as a rookie bodybuilder, he retired from competitions determined to challenge the institution governing the sport.... and the rest is HISTORY!

Two years after contributing in launching the CACBBFF(1), he resigned as its President to continue seeking growth through PABBO(2). He organized the 1st Pan American Championships in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico (1976), together with the 4th CACBBFF(1) Championships; and co-promoted the 2nd Pan Am contest in the city of Mayaguez, with assistance from COPAN 79(3). Although the Pan American movement was receptive in almost all of Central and South America, plus the Caribbean and Canada; Javier abandoned his hemispheric goal in 1981 Ð concluding that such an effort Ð without the USA and Cuba, would achieve inconsequential objectives.

Over the years Javier's hard work and dedication to the sport has been highly recognized. He is currently flank by many plaques, medals and rare awards from federations in Central America, the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

Major awards include the NASM(6) Award for the promotion of drug-free sports in Madrid, Spain (1987); the 46th IFBB(4) President's Silver Medal in Paris, France, for outstanding contributions to bodybuilding in Central America & the Caribbean (1989); the Oscar State Memorial Award in Katowice, Poland, for outstanding international administrator (1991), the IFBB(4) Achievement Medal in Cairo, Egypt, for more than 25 years of service (2002); and the IFBB(4) Gold Medal in Shanghai, China, for outstanding contributions to bodybuilding & fitness worldwide (2005). The most recent honors include the 2006 Bodybuilding Award from the European Federation in Santa Susanna, Spain; for his passion, commitment and outstanding international contributions towards bodybuilding, fitness and a healthy lifestyle; followed a few days later Ð during the 2006 CACBBFF(1) Championships in Kingston, Jamaica Ð were he received the first "Hall of Fame Award" from the CACBBFF(1), under Lt. Col. Bruce Barclay's presidency.

Javier departed Puerto Rico in late 1988 to reside in Southern California. He continued sports promotions, including several editions of the North American Championships (Canada/USA/Mexico); the NPC(5) Women's Nationals; the Amateur Grand Prix and the Orange County Muscle Classic (an NPC(5) National Qualifier), which he still co-promotes. He now lives in Central Florida.

At this stage in his life, Javier's only concern relates to the CACBBFF(1) steady continuity. Although he still feels uneasy about bodybuilding & fitness unknown evolution, he recognizes that his sporting dreams have been greatly surpassed. Javier is currently a CACBBFF(1) Patron from the US Virgin Islands, constantly representing his adoptive country in all international events.

Author's Opinion....
Over the years, we have watched, listened and learned; as we continue to work with this distinguished sports leader. He has made many Central American and Caribbean athlete's dreams become reality. In striving to continue accomplishing our goals in this noble sport we love, we remember the sacrifices, hard work and dedication of our most illustrious founding father with profound admiration and respect.

(1) = Central American & Caribbean Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.
(2) = Pan American Bodybuilding Organization.
(3) = Organizing Committee for the 8th Pan American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico (1979).
(4) = International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness.
(5) = National Physique Committee of the USA, Inc.
(6) = National Academy of Sports Medicine of the USA (with numerous international branches).
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